The Bagel Smash® - Bagel Smashery® was born May 1995 in a little shop on a busy street in Hoboken, NJ, established firstly in Bel Gusto Bagelry (est. 1988) 718 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ thus becoming Bel Gusto Bagel Smashery in 1995. Nestled on a street with eateries ranging from great Italian delis, pizza parlors, Chinese restaurants and fast food sandwich shops and yes, another bagelry. The Bagel Smash® was created as a means to compete in a heavily saturated food marketplace.

Since the birth of theBagel Smash® it has been received with great enthusiasm and curiosity. The Bagel Smash® appeals to all age groups, can be low in fat, intoxicating or quite simple. TheBagel Smash® is a delicious, creative, ingenious bagel sandwich that renews the bagel forever. TheBagel Smash® teases the most avantgarde bagel pallet and stimulates the interest of those curiousity seekers.

TheBagel Smashery® has become a destination location. People come from all over to eat and visit our shops. When customers have visitors from out of town, they insist on having them visit the Bagel Smashery® before leaving the area. For others heading out of town, going on vacations, trips to the shore, marathons and the like, it is a must to stop at theBagel Smashery® for their favorite Bagel Smash® before starting their day.


We are presently listening to the calls, cries from our out of town customers for a Bagel Smashery®, in their neighborhood. For that reason, Bagel Smash, Inc. is proudly entertaining Licensing Business Opportunities.


A Bagel Smashery� is easy to implement and has minimum space requirements.