Bagel Smashery� is a "Destination Location" offering an exciting food concept specializing in the sale of the specialty sandwich, Bagel Smash�. The Bagel Smash� has great visual appeal and creates a wonderful "food niche". The need for our concept continues to grow steadily, and by becoming a Bagel Smash, Inc. Licensee, you can be part of this exciting and rewarding field. Licensing is a strategy that allows for the dynamic relationship of established business know-how and the entrepreneurial spirit with common used Registered Trademarks.


Bagel Smashery� is a simple Stand Alone or Co-Brand Operation, no baking on premise with minimum space requirements, complimented with low overhead and high returns. Right now, there is ground floor opportunity for qualified individuals to develop single or multiple licensed units in a suitable location of their choice. We know as a prospective licensee, your major concern is security for your investment. Let us put your mind at ease. A Bagel Smashery� license can be truly rewarding but the first step, is the decision.


Bagel Smash, Inc. is developing and implementing a Licensing Business Opportunity program. We are enthusiastic about our plans to expand upon the easy brand recognition, draw power and revenue producing Registered Trademarks, Bagel Smashery� and Bagel Smash�, and Potato Smash�.



A Bagel Smashery� is easy to implement and has minimum space requirements. If you feel you possess the above qualifications, have a location of your own in mind, and to ensure Bagel Smash, Inc. makes a key informed business decision, all applicants must:


1. Click here to contact us to request your application.


2. Send application to Bagel Smash, Inc., 153 1st Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030


3. When your application is received, your background and interests will be reviewed. In order to ensure the success of each Bagel Smashery� unit, we make every effort to be most selective in granting licenses.


4. A representative from Bagel Smash, Inc. will contact you shortly. If you appear to qualify you will be invited to visit with us personally, or check us out beforehand if you like, so that you can review first hand if a Bagel Smashery� is right for you.