Review by: seamandrew on 5/25/05 at VirtualTourist.com


Open for both breakfast and lunch, the Bagel Smashery is one of the best places in Hoboken to get bagels. The reason this place gets it's name is because of it's patented bagel smasher which will smash and toast any bagel sandwich you make. The result is a much thinner bagel that is absolutely delicious. I prefer this place for breakfast or brunch...


So far my favorite is a smashed whole wheat bagel with virginia ham & mozzarella cheese. Yummy!



Review by: BreakfastForeva on 9/15/2006 at MrBreakFast.com


In William Eggspear's Danish play, Macbagel famously asked, "To smash or not to smash, that is the question"


If you choose not to smash at the Bagel Smashery, you are a bona fide jacka$$. This joint is all about the smash: smash here and you will learn to love the bagel again. The Bagel Smashery does the work of gods. The President runs your country and the surgeon saves your life but does that compare to taking your plain old bagel and elevating it to the heavens? How I laugh to think of a smashed green olive bagel walking amongst the blossoming cherubs of the sky!


Bagel Smashery is small but decidedly cozy. Walk in, pick your bagel and decide what delicious cream cheese your heart desires. These magicians offer the ROYGBV of creams, from have sun dried tomato to green olive to violet colored chocolate chip. Your bagel artist will cream your bagel and put it into the patented "Smash-A-Rooney". Using extreme heat and just a pinch of pixie dust, the Smash-A-Rooney will flatten your bagel into a warm panini-style creation. Calm your fears, no bagels are harmed in the making of the smash! The bagel might be flat, but the taste soars. The Smash-A-Rooney will turn your plain old bagel into a slice of heaven with a side of coffee. How I giggled when I tasted one of these! My mouth dropped wide open, my limbs shuttered with joy and I groaned with unearthly ecstasy. For the first time in my life, I felt complete.


Need more yum you naughty little devil? Try the smashed bagel with egg and cheese. If Macbagel could have tasted one of these he never would have wanted to bone his mother!


Review by: caitsplate on 7/18/09 at CaitsPlate.com


I’ve been wanting to try the Bagel Smashery since moving to Hoboken but got in such a routine with my regular bagel place that I’d always forget!


You pick your bagel, you pick your fillings and then you choose whether you’d like it SMASHED or SOBER. HAH! Love quirky things like that…


I chose a whole wheat bagel with 2 egg whites and taylor ham (which is like Canadian Bacon) smashed.


It was delicious and WAY filling.